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Cherry Pie [2006] | JAPAN – MOVIE

on October 6, 2013


New pattissier Kiyohara (Kitagawa Keiko) has recently been worried that she’s lost the ability to make her shop’s popular cherry pie well. Today as well, after the shop has closed, she is alone in the kitchen, tasting the boiled cherry jam left in the saucepan and sighing. No matter how many times she does it over, it doesn’t have “that taste”. This is because it vividly recalls the memory of that bitter-sweet flavour. As she looks over her shoulder, her gaze rests on a shelf where a jar of cherry jam and a pattissier’s uniform and tall hat are carefully placed. On the chest of the uniform is written “Tsujiuchi Toru”. 

Into that scene comes the ringing of a telephone call. It was from Kinoshita Chiharu (Hijii Miyo) the daughter of the Yamanashi cherry farmer with whom they’ve had a contract. She says that she has something she was asked to keep by Tsujiuchi Toru, so she wants Kiyohara to come to the orchard once. After the phone call, Kiyohara is lost in thought. As she kneads the dough at the preparation table, her face suddenly crumples. She herself doesn’t notice as large tears spill from her eyes.

Kiyohara started at that shop soon after graduating high school, because she was drawn in by the popular cherry pie. The crust crisp and flaky on the lips, the taste of butter slowly spreading under the tongue, and the shop’s special bittersweet chunky cherry jam. Kiyohara started working almost like an intruder, and the one who taught her everything from the beginning was her sempai Tsujiuchi Toru (Okada Koteru). All unawares, Kiyohara’s feelings for Tsujiuchi, who, although blunt, was deeply kind, and had understood her qualities quickly, teaching her with great patience, went beyond respect and became love. However, one year earlier at precisely this time, caught up in a car accident caused by heavy rain, Tsujiuchi had become a person who will never come home.

A year has passed without her being able to face Tsuchiuji’s death. And then, after that phone call, the taste of the pie just keeps getting worse and worse. The owner-chef Risseki (Shirai Akira) is unable to overlook her condition, and says “You have to sort the problem out, don’t you.” This is right on target, and Kiyohara is briefly lost for words, “I can’t handle being told to do it so clearly”, and losing her strength she sinks shaking to the floor.

And then her close friend among the regular customers, Hachi Chiyo (Eguchi Noriko), who is repeating a year at Art University, is a woman who constantly changes her boyfriends and has many loves. She has always had a style of art such as hiding the tears of rejection in a gasmask. This woman, as soon as she realises that that her old teacher from high school, Kubota, is the real thing, starts ambushing him on his way home from school and launches a fierce attack. Again, another of her close friends, up-and-coming copywriter Fumi (Harada Natsuki) is having an affair with her boss. When she told him she was pregnant, he became cold. Fumi is stuck between her life choices.

Where are their impossible loves leading…


Keiko Kitagawa
Noriko Eguchi
Natsuki Harada
Mika Hijii
Ken Kaito




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