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Healer / 힐러 [2014] | K-Drama

on February 4, 2015

Healer (Hangul: 힐러; RR: Hilleo) is a South Korean television series starring Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, and Yoo Ji-tae. It airs on KBS2 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 for 20 episodes beginning on December 8, 2014.


A decades-old incident involving a group of friends who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together three different people — a mysterious errand guy with the codename “Healer” who happens to possess top-notch fighting skills, a reporter from a second-rate tabloid news website, and a famous journalist at a major broadcast station. On the journey to discover the truth and resolve the mystery from the past, they will have to deal with the conflict of truth versus faith and also a love triangle between them.


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Naeil’s Cantabile” and will be followed by “Blood” February 16, 2015.
  2. Yoo Ji-Tae last starred in a drama series in 2008 SBS drama “Star’s Lover.”
  3. First script reading took place September 11, 2014 at KBS Annex Building in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea. 
  4. Filming began October 1, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea.






















 EPISODE 20final



Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
08/12/2014 1 NR NR NR NR
09/12/2014 2 NR 8.8% (18th) NR NR
15/12/2014 3 NR NR NR NR
16/12/2014 4 NR NR NR NR
22/12/2014 5 NR NR 8.8% (19th) 9.8% (15th)
23/12/2014 6 NR NR 7.7% (20th) NR
29/12/2014 7 NR NR NR 8.9% (16th)
30/12/2014 8 NR 9.4% (17th) 8.6% (19angelth) 9.2% (17th)
05/01/2015 9 NR NR NR NR
06/01/2015 10 NR 9.5% (18th) 9.2% (17th) 10.0% (14th)
12/01/2015 11 NR NR 9.4% (15th) 10.8% (10th)
13/01/2015 12 NR 10.1% (17th) 9.1% (18th) 9.8% (14th)
19/01/2015 13 9.0% (18th) 9.7% (17th) 10.3% (14th) 11.3% (8th)
20/01/2015 14 9.4% (20th) 10.6% (12th) 9.7% (16th) 10.4% (13th)
26/01/2015 15 NR NR 8.7% (20th) 9.2% (16th)
27/01/2015 16 NR 9.6% (18th) 8.9% (20th) 9.2% (19th)
02/02/2015 17 NR NR NR 9.3% (19th)
03/02/2015 18 NR 8.4% (20th) 9.1% (19th) 9.6% (15th)
09/02/2015 19 NR NR NR NR
10/02/2015 20 NR 8.6% (19h) 9.0% (18th) 9.1% (16th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson , kalau di lihat dari rating seh ga bagus-bagus banget seh yach 😀 

tumben neh drama korea nya diawal tahun ga ada yg booming 😉 alias ga seru-seru . drama ini ga tau mau dibawa ke mana ceritanya. untung pemerannya ganteng….hahahahaa

mau dibawa ke tema wartawannya ga mengena ga greget, loncat dari satu story ke story yg lain. padahal  benang merah ceritanya mau bertema profesi wartawan. banyak cerita yg ng-gantung ga berujung alias ga ada jawabannya. jadi drama kayak gini emang asik tuk dinikmati “tanpa” meninggalkan kesan yg gimana-gimana. so…..monggo silahkan di tonton 😀

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2014 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama Ji Chang-wook Nominated
Yoo Ji-tae Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama Park Min-young Won
Popularity Award, Actor Ji Chang-wook Won
Best Couple Award[10] Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young Won

karena ditayangkan di stasiun televisi KBS & stasiun televisi ini biasa nya rajin bikin ajang penghargaan di acara yg ditayangin nya, maka saya lampirkan di atas keterangan tentang AWARD yang diterima dari drama HEALERS ini


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