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Orange Marmalade | K-DRAMA [2015]

on June 29, 2015


  • Drama: Orange Marmalade
  • Revised romanization: Orenji Mamalreideu
  • Hangul: 오렌지 마말레이드
  • Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
  • Writer: Seok Woo (original comic), Moon So-San
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: May 15 – July 24, 2015
  • Runtime: Fridays 22:35
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  1. “Orange Marmalade” takes over the KBS2 Fridays 21:30 time slot previously occupied by “Spy”.
  2. Based on webcomic “Orange Marmalade” by Seok Woo (published from February 5, 2011 to January 4, 2014 via
  3. First script reading took place March 13, 2015 at KBS Annex Building in Yeouido, Seoul.
  4. Filming began March 14, 2015.


agak sedikit mikir yaa, apa hubungannya settingan jaman modern sama jaman dulu nya, kembali ke jaman kehidupan korea klasik 😀

dah gitu kekuatan vampire nya sama persis ama kekuatan edward di twilight, coba kreatif dikit beda apa kek kekuatannya/power nya si vampire 😛


Set in a fantasy world where humans and vampires coexist, the latter have evolved and no longer rely on human blood as food. Still, they are feared and discriminated against by society, causing many of them to hide their true nature and live as “normal” citizens, or else become outcasts.

Baek Ma-ri is a socially withdrawn teenage girl hiding her vampire identity. Driven away from several neighborhoods, she is eager to settle down in her new city and live quietly. But things change when she accidentally kiss the neck of Jung Jae-min, the most popular boy at her high school.


Yeo Jin-goo as Jung Jae-min

He is the most popular boy in school. His mother married a vampire when he was in middle school, causing him to quit music. He has hated vampires ever since. He falls for Baek Ma-ri when she transfers to his school, not knowing she is a vampire.

Kim Seolhyun as Baek Ma-ri

As a child she was shunned and became an outcast. Determined to graduate from high school, she transfers to a new school and hides her vampire identity. She eventually falls for Jung Jae-min, but is caught in a love triangle with her childhood friend and fellow vampire, Han Si-hoo. She dreams of becoming a musician. Lee

Jong-hyun as Han Si-hoo

He is a vampire and Baek Ma-ri’s childhood friend. His uncle had married Jung Jae-min’s mother when he was in middle school. He has feelings for Ma-ri, and becomes involved in a love triangle with her and Jae-min.


Gil Eun-hye as Jo Ah-ra She is the most popular girl in school. Used to getting her way, she doesn’t like the fact that Baek Ma-ri has captured Jung Jae-min’s attention. She resorts to bullying Ma-ri and hiding that fact behind her sweet demeanor.


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